First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

There is so much happening in our world today that at times I find myself overwhelmed with it all.  I felt I needed a avenue to express all these thoughts so I decided to start this blog as a way to express my thoughts on life.  General thoughts on day to day affairs, specific thoughts on various items such as daily news items and even gain wisdom on myself.  To grow and mature is what I seek and maybe even to change someone’s thoughts or opinions on something that is happening in our world today.

I appreciate feedback and will do my best to respond to all.

I thank you for reading my posts and taking time out of your day.  Hopefully this will be a long and wonderful journey for us all.


Daily Prompt: Perfume- Charlie and Gram

Daily Prompt: Perfume

If I close my eyes I can smell her as if she was sitting right next to me.  I do that on long hard days when I need to be reminded, comforted and secure.

Her scent was wonderful and I swear she is the only one that could pull it off.  Charlie Perfume is a stronger scent but when she wore it I just wanted to snuggle with her.  My gram wore Charlie Perfume all the time.  That was her scent and she loved it.  She said “it smells good and it’s affordable”.

When I am out and about and I smell that smell, I stand in the store and look all around as if my gram will magically appear.  I look for what seems like eternity before I realize it is another senior that is wearing it.

Charlie has a perfume called Charlie White and it’s a wonderful gently scent.  That is now and has been for some time my perfume of choice.  When I put it on in the morning, I am reminded of the “primping” that my gram did.  A little perfume and she always believed that you should never leave the house without your lips on meaning your lipstick.  She said even if you put nothing else on, you should put your lips on and a little perfume.

I think I will go in the bedroom and put just a little Charlie on in memory of my gram.

Much peace and keep open!

Gay Adoption–Not in Child’s Best Interest


A family court judge in Louisville stated he will no longer hear court cases of gay couples wanting to adopt children.  He stated he believes a gay person adopting a child could never be in the child’s best interest.

Judge W. Michell Nance said he would recuse himself of all cases involving gay couples wanting to adopt a child.  This is the same judge that requires that everyone stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each day.  He is also the same judge that requires couples that are getting a divorce, uncontested divorces, to come in and explain themselves.  He also asks them if they go to church and if they are “true” believers.  Compared to what…kinda believers, sorta believers.  Is that like I’m kinda pregnant?

I’m wondering why is it now that this is coming on the front page?  What wasn’t this front page when he made uncontested divorcing couples come in and answer the church question?

I think it is better that he recuse himself if he is unable to fulfill his job duties which he can’t but I also believe he shouldnt be on the bench anymore with his outright outrageous behavior.  Then again he is a judge and he knows better than we do, right?

I am a firm believer that you need to find a way to put your personal beliefs aside when you are in a position of authority.  If you can’t then you need to move on and get out of the public service field.

This world has come so far but yet at these times it proves we have a long way to go.

Gay Adoption
Yes this is a cartoon but it actually has happened and it’s a terrible, terrible thing.

Much Peace and stay open to learn!

Daily Prompt: Knackered–Challenge Accepted!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered


The week has seemed like eternity to get through.  Monday felt like it never ended.  Tuesday felt like it should have been Friday.  When I finally got to Friday I was completely knackered.

Knackered from the long week, not just physically but mentally as well.  I think this weekend I will recover from being knackered and focus on my To Do list.  Figuring out how to get these daily prompts to actually be listed in the daily prompt challenge, cleaning, laundry you know the typical weekend get ready for Monday type of stuff.  The difference is I need sleep to overcome the knackeredness that is weighing heavy on me.

I have never used this word before but I am finding myself liking it.  I think my other mission this weekend is to see how many times I can use this word.  I might even use it where it doesn’t pertain and see how many people “catch” me.  That is my challenge to myself.

Ahh challenge accepted!!!

Knackered 2


My Childhood “Friend”

via Daily Prompt: Blanket

I remember her fondly.  When I was happy she was there and when I was sad, she knew just how to comfort me.  Ohh how I miss my friend.  Nothing could replace her.  Dirty or clean, she was perfect.  Just absolutely perfect.

She was multi-colored with a silky corner.  You know the kind that if you cried you would take the edge of the corner and tickle your cheek.  It would magically soothe you.  At that moment you knew your hurt would pass.

I drug her along to every event.  I was proud of her and refused to give her up even when I got the “aren’t you to old for that”.  No I hollered and you aren’t getting her!

She was perfect and I carried her proudly.  My Blanket, my perfect soothing wonderful friend.  How at times, now in my adulthood, I miss you!


Ann Coulter Cancels Speech..Free Speech?

Well today was quite the interesting day.  The outspoken Ann Coulter canceled her speech stating Young America’s Foundation pulled its support amid threats of violence.  She stated her decision was “a dark day for free speech in America”.  Coulter also stated “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team”.  Coulter said “I’m so sorry Berkeley canceled my speech.  I’m so sorry YAF acquiesced in the cancellation.  And I’m so sorry for free speech crushed by thugs”.

Berkeley is no stranger to violence.  That is a fact.  It is also a fact that they have a stand down policy.  Violent protesters know this.  They know that Berkeley is so afraid of stepping on someones right to free speech that they will allow people to be beaten in front of them.  They are unable to gain control and offer a venue without violence.

They were open and stated there was a very large concern of bodily injury or death and couldn’t guarantee safety which based on past incidents, they were truthful meaning they could not guarantee her safety.

Now both sides are stating the other cancelled.  Now of course it really doesn’t matter.  I believe Berkeley stated you come at your own risk and Coulter said hmm no thank you.

How could this have been avoided?  Well Coulter could have hired her own bodyguards to guarantee her safety from the thugs as she stated as well as her crew of people.  That didn’t occur though and I wonder why.  Why didn’t she pay for the security?

A few reasons come to mind.  She is a stubborn person that wants to be right or she wasn’t using her own money so it was an automatic response to blame Berkeley for the lack of security or she played this game like a pro meaning she knew she wasnt going and therefore planned what she would say…free speech has been taken away…let’s protest even more.  Of course there are protests occurring even though she isn’t there and she is doing the TV news circuit.  Sitting comfortable watching it from the sidelines and not getting her hands dirty.

Berkeley has to get policies in place to allow for peaceful protests and to make it clear that if you break the law, the police in full riot gear will be waiting for you and prepared to take all measures necessary and needed to protect people and property.  They are not there yet but they need to move.  The president takes funding away from business and cities so he should pull any funding for Berkeley until they have a fully functioning new policy in place.

On the flip side of this, free speech is never really free.  It comes with a cost.  Granted, we in the US can say anything we want but I believe we also have to be prepared to accept the consequences of our actions.  Sometimes people don’t like what we say, how we say it or the anger that is verbalized so they just might punch you in the mouth on the low-end and on the high-end, you could be seriously hurt or killed for what you say.  You have to be the one to determine if what you believe in is worth getting hurt over.  If it is then be prepared for the consequences and if not cancel the speech.

In my perfect world, no one would be hurt over the words they say.  They wouldn’t have to worry about violence for giving a speech and they wouldn’t have to worry about a riot on a university campus because someone with different views came and spoke.  In my perfect world I could go and hear a speech and hear people’s reactions instead of seeing them.  In my perfect world I could listen to Ann Coulter and maybe, just maybe learn something that I didn’t know.

We don’t live in my perfect world now do we, nope.  I lose my opportunity because of my fear of this type of violence.  I have never believed in hurting someone for the words that they spoke and therefore couldn’t imagine it happening to me but I also know in that type of environment, it would.  Shame on the violent protesters and Berkeley for not having a functioning plan in place and shame on Coulter for preaching free speech but walking away with clean hands.

I think we all need Peace!



The Roots Begin to Change

via Daily Prompt: Roots


I remember it like it was yesterday.  Sandy blond hair blowing in the breeze outside as I played with my friends out in the sand.  Not a care in the world except to make my sand castle higher than anyone else’s.

Now though I look in the mirror and see brownish hair but wait what is that I see.  I look closer in the mirror and the roots of the hair is a strange color.  Not every hair but several.  What color is that?  I put the glasses on and try again.  I look and the roots are silver…what…wait…what happened I said out loud.  Silver, I don’t understand.  It was just yesterday that I was playing outside.  Oh no, it was like it was yesterday.

I grew up and matured as they say.  No, I like to say I gained wisdom and for every silver rooted hair is all of the wisdom stacked in my head.

Yup I will go with that!

Trump’s Tax Plan Oh My!

Trump Taxes

Of course I had to read the news.  Couldn’t help myself.  Lo and behold I see this on the front page.  I will admit I was a bit excited to see how this would benefit us but my excitement decreased as I continued to read.  Now I will say not a lot of detail was in this article which is concerning but they did say here is room for negotiation.  I consider that a plus if it holds true.

Let’s see where to begin.

Trump Taxes 3
I wonder how should I answer this…

Reduction in taxes on the wealthy–now come on who didn’t see that coming?

Fewer tax brackets–this would reduce the seven tax brackets that we currently have down to three.  Now this could immediately help high earners but low earners might not see any change.  Again I say doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Most deductions would go away–the only two that would remain would be the mortgage interest and charitable deductions.  Gone would be medical and property taxes.

Bigger tax break for parents–could be a good thing for parents but his first plan benefited high income earners so it will be interesting if that coms back.

Corporate tax decrease–this would decrease to 15%.  I am struggling to see how that is fiscally responsible.  Wouldn’t that be too much of a loss of revenue?

Many more details need to be worked out as this only gave then minimum information.  The biggest piece I think is who is going to pay for it, where is the money coming from? No answers yet.

Today I heard a lot of my co-workers chatting.  Some stated Trump just shoots out of his mouth and doesn’t think of any details and others stated we have to wait and see and still others said they are standing by Trump no matter what.  Now that to me is a scary statement.  No matter what…nuclear war, recession, riots.  Doesn’t there have to come a time when you really ask yourself what is in the best interest of this country, my family and the security that we should feel?  When does the division of democrat and republican stop and our safety and security start, or doesn’t it?  Does the bickering always outweigh the “people”?

There is a lot to this plan that has to be worked out and Trump’s words are not law meaning it has to get buy in to pass.  With the little information that came out, it wouldn’t now.  I also hope that all lawmakers read each piece.  What I have heard in the past is who has time to read a 2000 page document so things get through that a majority didn’t know was in the document.  It’s what I call the sneaky skark…slowly creeping up and in stealth mode comes up behind and attacks.

I see this plan as reckless at best and probably shouldn’t be taken to seriously since it lacked any detail or substantiated proof of anything.

I am nervous and yes part of it is because I just don’t know enough.  As the saying goes…time will tell.

What I do know is after reading this I felt like face planting myself.

Face Plant 2


I wish you peace.