The Wondrous World of Politics

The world of political disagreements.

Today I had a conversation with a friend and she told me of her family and the arguments that politics have caused.  I sat and listened intently and then asked “why can’t people just express themselves and have a voice without criticism”.  She replied “well that’s not the way the world works”.

As I sit here and write this I am still shaking my head.  Why isn’t it?  I don’t agree with my family but I am aware that I don’t have too and I won’t love them any less because we differ.  I am also all to familiar with family disagreements over this subject.

My family has also been split by the political arena.  I have a few cousins that are firm Trump supports and I have a few family members that were Hillary supporters.  On various topics they would discuss but it would always end in an argument and pretty hateful words.  All because of what?  A difference of opinion.  I can sit and listen as long as it’s respectful and hear everyone out because maybe I am missing something or not thinking of all aspects.  I try very hard to allow people their opinion without “jumping”.  I might be upset at their thought process but I look and say “we disagree and we have to agree to disagree but I love you”.  Sometimes depending on the subject, it is very hard because I am a passionate person and believe strongly in certain things.  The belief for a better future is one.  The belief that all women should be allowed to make decisions for themselves.  The belief that all children are precious.  The belief that everyone deserves a chance.

Maybe I am a dreamer, maybe just maybe, that dream might come true.


Much Peace!

Author: openthoughtsonlife2017

The older I get the more I realize I want to know more, to experience more and to learn. I crave knowing what I don't know. I want to grow as a positve person and be open to others thoughts and opinions. I don't want to lose who I am but I want to enhance who I am through this journey. I love reading, crafts and old cars and trucks. I swear I could look at antique cars and collector vehicles for hours and not get bored. Family thinks I'm crazy but they love me anyway:)

One thought on “The Wondrous World of Politics”

  1. I agree…Sometimes, people just have to agree to disagree and respect each others’ viewpoints. Sometimes, we just don’t have the same perspectives as others and everyone is entitled to their own opinion… I guess it would help if we stop for a while and just put ourselves in their shoes so we understand better where they’re coming from… I like what you said about not “jumping in” immediately. It always helps when we try to keep our opinions to ourselves first and just listen to what others have to say…


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