Bill O’Reilly Returns

Bill O'Reilly

Was he every really gone?  He is returning on Monday with a podcast.  This after he was let go from his show.  Based on allegations of sexual harassment.  Five woman received settlement payouts and now all this has come out. Is he guilty or did he pay this money to make the allegations just go away?  13 Million is a lot to just make it go away.  His reputation was known in the industry as has been documented.

Would he have been fired if the advertisers didn’t leave?  I think not.  I think all would have been well if the advertisers stayed.  This isn’t just a story of sexual harassment but it’s also a story on money and greed.  The Murdoch’s play a huge role in this.  They knew about the payouts and at that time did nothing but now that the advertisers were leaving and threatening to leave, they stepped in a fired him.  If O’Reilly would have made them more money than leaving advertisers would have then I believe he would have remained employed and reaping the benefits.  A bigger than thou attitude and even more disgraceful behavior.  Who sets a podcast so soon after they are fired for a terrible offense…maybe a narcissistic person.  I don’t know that for sure as I am not a mental health professional but what I do know is he is a disgrace.  This has nothing to do with political beliefs but everything to do with moral code and human decency.

Sometimes in life a person has to be brought down a peg or two in order to understand that there are ramifications to their actions.  With many people this works but not with Bill O’Reilly.  He gets fired, collects money and does a podcast.  Unbelievable!

There is another aspect to this story though that needs to be addressed.  Why did these women keep quiet or did they?  Why did they take the money?  Did taking the settlement have anything to do with additional woman getting harassed?  This isn’t victim blaming as much as it is asking why.  I asked a friend of mine if she was one of these women would she have taken the settlement and her response was “hell no”.   I then asked “if you had no money, was in foreclosure with nowhere else to go and no money for food, would you take the settlement”?  She looked at me and said “arggg I hate when you do that” but she answered and said “I just don’t know”.  The point was depending on the situation will sometimes dictate what you do.  With that said I would hope that I wouldn’t take the money, no matter what.  Can I guarantee it, no, but I can hope.  I also would never want to even be in that situation.  To choose money or being thrown through the mud and having all my information good and bad being brought up in court.  We all know or should know that is exactly what would have happened and actually did with one of the women.  Money can buy great lawyers, detectives etc. but the one thing money can never buy is moral character and human decency.

Much Peace!

Author: openthoughtsonlife2017

The older I get the more I realize I want to know more, to experience more and to learn. I crave knowing what I don't know. I want to grow as a positve person and be open to others thoughts and opinions. I don't want to lose who I am but I want to enhance who I am through this journey. I love reading, crafts and old cars and trucks. I swear I could look at antique cars and collector vehicles for hours and not get bored. Family thinks I'm crazy but they love me anyway:)

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