“13 Reasons Why” Copycats?

13 Reasons

The latest talk is anything to do with 13 Reasons Why.  For those that have not heard, this is a movie about Hannah Baker who left behind cassette tapes explaining 13 reasons  why she took her own life.  This was produced by Selena Gomez who has said she stayed true to the book and initially was only one “season” on Netflix.  Now she states that season 2 has been announced.  Millions watched and this is the talk so I can imagine the money is coming in.  On Twitter it stated from “13 Reasons Why…Their story isn’t over.  Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is coming”.

13 Reasons 1

I guess nothing is off-limits for the right amount of money.

Many are coming out against this show because it will promote copycats.  Physiologist, educators and parents have stated this has the potential to glamorize suicide and will lead to others taking their life as well.  Primarily those that are impressionable.

I am torn.  I believe the story should be told but ONCE not multiple seasons.  I currently believe this was only done for the amount of money this is bringing in.  Do I think their could be copycats, yes I do but I also believe if it wasn’t this show then it would be something else that might “trigger” that person.

13 Reasons Why gave the impression that there was only 13 reason, cut and dry.  Unfortunately it is so much deeper than that.  Depression is a multi-faceted thing.  It is not a one stop shop meaning one treatment doesn’t work for all.  Every single person is different, unique.  These 13 reasons were hers and the next person that takes their life will have another 13 reasons why that pertains to them.

When people are in a deep state of depression especially young people, whose brains are not fully developed, it is a maddening and frightening place to be.  They will make a rash decision that could hurt them the rest of their lives or worse end their life.  They don’t understand that certain things are permanent.

13 Reasons 2

Is the answer to sit with them and watch this graphic show to drill into their heads that suicide isn’t easy and the remaining people also suffer greatly or is it to always have the lines of communication open so people are comfortable coming to you for help.

Again one answer won’t fit everyone.  We have to have many answers and we have to more importantly listen when they do come without judgement period.

13 Reasons 3

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