Notre Dame Students Plan Walkout on Pence Speech


I read this article in the paper and I am very intrigued by this.  It has brought many questions to light for me that I would love some answers on.

Background:  Mike Pence is set to deliver the commencement speech for Notre Dame and receive his honorary degree and some students are planning to walk out in protest.  The organizers state this is being brought on by Pence’s stance on immigration and gay rights.  They state by Notre Dame giving the honorary degree, they are in fact supporting Pence’s beliefs.  They also state to “respectfully get up and walk out quietly”.  They are calling it Taking Back Our Commencement.

I find myself conflicted on this.  Students state that this is free speech and they can walk out in protest.  Isn’t it the same free speech that has allowed Pence and Trump to make the statements that they have made whether it’s on immigration or gay rights or abortion?  Does free speech only apply when we want it to or under all situations?

This is my thoughts:  I want to know what makes these people tick.  I want to understand where their mind is at that allows them to be OK with what they state to the American people.  The only way we can get any better is if we start to understand, not agree but to understand.  Maybe a better way is to say try to understand, listen and provide thought-provoking statements.  Would I understand any better if I walk out because someone has different beliefs than I do or could I potentially understand if I heard someone out and even challenged their thoughts?  The kids yes I said kids are walking out in “protest”, unable to hear someone and challenge them constructively and respectfully are the same ones that will lead this country in the future.  Doesn’t that remind you of someone…our President, our current leaders.  That is scary.  It’s like we are not learning anything with the situation that we are in.

I would much rather try to figure out Pence and Trump so I can try to prevent this in the future.  Again what makes them tick.  This country voted these people in.  Whether we like it or not, we did this to ourselves.  Now we have to figure out how to fix it.  Walking out, not listening, being angry, hurting others etc. doesn’t fix the problem.  It only makes it worse.

What am I missing here?  What are your thoughts?  Educate me to help me understand.  I am open to learning from both sides of the political spectrum.

Much Peace

Author: openthoughtsonlife2017

The older I get the more I realize I want to know more, to experience more and to learn. I crave knowing what I don't know. I want to grow as a positve person and be open to others thoughts and opinions. I don't want to lose who I am but I want to enhance who I am through this journey. I love reading, crafts and old cars and trucks. I swear I could look at antique cars and collector vehicles for hours and not get bored. Family thinks I'm crazy but they love me anyway:)

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