Daily Word Prompt: Buff


What a perfect word.  I have decided to get back in shape, eat better and start going to the gym again.

I went this morning and a personal trainer came over to me to “assist”.  I chuckled and realized she was trying to get me to sign up for personal training.  My response was “nah I don’t want to get all buff and all”.  I am only 5′ and as a woman I don’t want to look like a man.  That should tell you how knowledgable I am at weight training.

She proceeded to share her wisdom.  The trainer said that just because you lift weights certainly doesn’t mean you will get buff and start looking masculine.  Weight training is just as important as eating right.  As a woman it will help with bone loss as we age.  If the focus is not to gain too much muscle and get to buff than that could be achieved and of course if you wanted to put more than the average muscle gain on then that is also possible.

I told her I envisioned the woman bodybuilder where they begin to take on the male characteristics and somehow their chest goes away and becomes just plain muscle.  To me that isn’t attractive but it’s what they work towards.  I pictured a 5′ tall woman with no chest, muscles protruding everywhere, no neck and not being able to close your arms.  Almost cartoon like.

At the end of our conversation she gave me her card and some pointers and went on her merry way.  I went back to my machine and looked off to the right and what do I see…a woman bodybuilder with no chest, barely a neck and unable to close her arms fully because of the amount of muscle.  I chuckled, shook my head and finished my exercise.

Buff I will pass but I will think about adding more weights to my workout.


Daily Word Prompt: Impression


A first impression lasts a lifetime and you can never take it back.  Impressions reminds me of judgement.  It can be good or bad.  It can be in your personal life or work life.

This reminds me of a few years back, I was interviewing for a different job.  I changed into a very pretty dress and prepared myself for the interview of a lifetime.  I got in the car and started my drive.  Everything was normal until it wasn’t.

A pop and gradual bumping and shaking.  I pulled over to the side of the road and wouldn’t you know it…a flat tire.  I had no time to wait for someone to come and assist so in high heals and a dress I changed the tire.  Got back in the car and I realized I was covered in dirt and grease.  I had two choices.  Go and explain or cancel the interview.

I decided to go and explain and hopefully they would understand as this was my dream job so they had to understand, right.

I walked in and started the interview.  I explained what occurred but three questions in the Director said “I don’t think I can do this” and she left the room.  Needless to say a short time later the interview was over.

I left dejected and thought wow what a great first impression.  As I was driving home I said out loud “they must not like the smell of grease in the morning”.

I didn’t get the job which I was heartbroken over.  I felt I was judged over something I couldn’t help.

Are first impressions bad or is it a signal of good things to come.  For me in this case the first impression was exactly what needed to happen.  I found another job that was more my style with people who cared about me and my growth with the company.

I look back on this event and realize that their first impression isn’t want counted instead it was my first impression of them that did.  This “negative” impression that I gave actually saved me from making a mistake.



Daily Word Prompt: Adrift


I have to say this is the perfect word today.  I have been feeling adrift all day.  Lost and a bit confused.

I have been asking a lot of “what ifs” lately.  Primarily I am sure because of the all the negative news.  I open the local news website to get the weather and see articles on North Korea launching another missile or Trump making a outrageous statement, potential impeachment, more racism in recent weeks than I can recall etc.

So much negativity, anger, resentment and hostility that I am beginning to just plain feel lost by all of the “what would this or that mean”.

I need to get back to my basics to lose the adrift feeling.  The basics of what I enjoy.  Maybe some gardening, reading a good book, sharing memories with loved ones or just plain taking a nice walk while listening to a little music.

Now I need to implement that and maybe even not watch the news for a bit or open those websites.  Let’s see what I can hold myself to in order to lose this feeling.


Notre Dame Students Plan Walkout on Pence Speech


I read this article in the paper and I am very intrigued by this.  It has brought many questions to light for me that I would love some answers on.

Background:  Mike Pence is set to deliver the commencement speech for Notre Dame and receive his honorary degree and some students are planning to walk out in protest.  The organizers state this is being brought on by Pence’s stance on immigration and gay rights.  They state by Notre Dame giving the honorary degree, they are in fact supporting Pence’s beliefs.  They also state to “respectfully get up and walk out quietly”.  They are calling it Taking Back Our Commencement.

I find myself conflicted on this.  Students state that this is free speech and they can walk out in protest.  Isn’t it the same free speech that has allowed Pence and Trump to make the statements that they have made whether it’s on immigration or gay rights or abortion?  Does free speech only apply when we want it to or under all situations?

This is my thoughts:  I want to know what makes these people tick.  I want to understand where their mind is at that allows them to be OK with what they state to the American people.  The only way we can get any better is if we start to understand, not agree but to understand.  Maybe a better way is to say try to understand, listen and provide thought-provoking statements.  Would I understand any better if I walk out because someone has different beliefs than I do or could I potentially understand if I heard someone out and even challenged their thoughts?  The kids yes I said kids are walking out in “protest”, unable to hear someone and challenge them constructively and respectfully are the same ones that will lead this country in the future.  Doesn’t that remind you of someone…our President, our current leaders.  That is scary.  It’s like we are not learning anything with the situation that we are in.

I would much rather try to figure out Pence and Trump so I can try to prevent this in the future.  Again what makes them tick.  This country voted these people in.  Whether we like it or not, we did this to ourselves.  Now we have to figure out how to fix it.  Walking out, not listening, being angry, hurting others etc. doesn’t fix the problem.  It only makes it worse.

What am I missing here?  What are your thoughts?  Educate me to help me understand.  I am open to learning from both sides of the political spectrum.

Much Peace

It’s Been a Sh*t Show Day

I remember a friend of mine saying “this has just been a shit show” when she had one of those days.  I always chuckled until today.

It started when I got out of bed at 2:30 this morning to get ready for work.  I tripped over my feet and ran into the wall.  Then as I stumbled to the kitchen for coffee I smacked my knee on the corner of the door.  Finally I make it to the coffee and pour me what will surely be the greatest cup of coffee ever made.  Yea until the cup tipped over (I swear someone reached down and pushed it over) and went everywhere coffee shouldn’t go.

I clean the coffee up and pour another and finally make it to the table.  OK I can breathe now. The coffee was great and I went for another cup to give me the pep in my step that I need.  Ahhh perfect.

I head into the shower to an ice-cold water bath.  What the heck.  My fault I forgot to hit the hot water.  Nothing like ice-cold water to wake you up.

OK I’m now ready for work.  I grab my computer bag and head out the door.  The garage door won’t open.  Just great.  I had to squeeze in the window to the garage.  I didn’t realize that the power just went out.  I make it to the emergency button on the garage door that allows me to open it manually.  I pull the car out and realize the nice work clothes that I had on were now completely dirty.  Nope I’m not even changing.  I’m gonna own this dirt!

Drive into work in a downpour that I havent seen in years.  Pull into work an hour later and make a mad dash for the doors as we have no covered parking.  I make it in but now I’m drenched and dirty.  I look like a drown rat.

I walk into my bosses office dirty, soaked and bruised from my morning battle.  He looks at me and says “oh not a good morning”.  I say “it’s been a complete shit show”.

I thought this was a Monday instead of Tuesday.  Tuesdays should never be this bad.

Hoping yours was better.


Daily Post: Final


Last Word

The conversation goes like this…

Friend: Why do you always have to have the final word?

Me:  I don’t.

Friend:  Yes you do!

Me:  No really I don’t.

Friend:  You are doing it now.

Me:  Doing what?

Friend:  Having to have the final word.

Me:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Friend:  I’m getting frustrated.

Me:  Why?

Friend:  I give up.

Me:  On what?

Yes I have had that “talk”.  The one where you really are not trying to be a certain way, you just plain can’t stop.  I laugh about it after but during the conversation I am serious and truly don’t know what they are talking about.  Not until after and I process the conversation.

Then I swear I will make a conscious effort to be better.  Each and every time it happens I swear I’ll do better the next time.

I swear I will stop and not have to have the final word.  See I stopped:)

The below picture I thought was perfect to end this with.  I saw other pictures of gators doing crazy things in another blog and I was so fascinated but terrified at the same time.

Final 1


Daily Prompt: Pursue



I constantly forget my dream and instead I focus on the day-to-day items that I must get accomplished.  Work, pay bills, clean the house oh and I can’t forget to eat.

Somewhere between 2:30am and 9pm, I misplaced my dream.  The item I thought about as a child and just knew I would pursue it.  That is until I became an adult.  What happened during that dreaming mind and adulthood?  Life got so busy that I chose to not pursue my dreams anymore.  I seem to blame life…too busy, too tired, too whatever else I can think of.

Maybe the real reason is fear.  As a child you have no concept of fear or failure but as an adult all of that becomes reality.  The fear of judgement is so very strong.  Sometimes to strong to where it stops you dead in your tracks.  Then gradually you put those dreams in the back of your mind without even thinking that you are indeed doing it.  As an adult fear is crippling.

Maybe I need to try things that will get me back to that child mentality where fear didn’t exist.  Maybe then I can continue to pursue my dreams or am I doing that now by writing this down.  Maybe I am just tiptoeing in pursuing my dreams again.

Pursue 1

I can hope and dream.