A Little Background…

For a long time now the events of the world as plagued me.  I think about everything from police relations to politics to religion.  It’s not that my thoughts or opinions are right or accurate as much as it is that certain items make me think.

I think about the “what ifs” in life.  What if we had better police relations?  What if people didn’t let their opinions interfere in their own growth?  What if we didn’t have to worry about North Korea or Russia?  What would this world be like?  I wonder.

I have been told that I am an analyzer, someone who listens to others or reads an article and then I will analyze it.  I crave the answer to “why”.  Why did something happen or why wasn’t it changed.  I remember as a child asking those questions all the time.  In school I think the teachers got upset with me but I truly just wanted to know.  I want things to make sense and when they don’t my mind goes into a tailspin.

It’s not just the “important” things either.  It’s anything.  I watch people work with their hands like a carpenter and I wonder how or where they learned it from and why can’t I do it…you know because they make it look so easy.  Of course it is not.  They work hard at their craft.

Maybe this is what keeps me going.  Asking the whys.  Wanting to know more.  Wanting to understand.  I don’t know yet but I am hoping to continue the journey to Why.

Much Peace!


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

There is so much happening in our world today that at times I find myself overwhelmed with it all.  I felt I needed a avenue to express all these thoughts so I decided to start this blog as a way to express my thoughts on life.  General thoughts on day to day affairs, specific thoughts on various items such as daily news items and even gain wisdom on myself.  To grow and mature is what I seek and maybe even to change someone’s thoughts or opinions on something that is happening in our world today.

I appreciate feedback and will do my best to respond to all.

I thank you for reading my posts and taking time out of your day.  Hopefully this will be a long and wonderful journey for us all.