Daily Word Prompt: Adrift


I have to say this is the perfect word today.  I have been feeling adrift all day.  Lost and a bit confused.

I have been asking a lot of “what ifs” lately.  Primarily I am sure because of the all the negative news.  I open the local news website to get the weather and see articles on North Korea launching another missile or Trump making a outrageous statement, potential impeachment, more racism in recent weeks than I can recall etc.

So much negativity, anger, resentment and hostility that I am beginning to just plain feel lost by all of the “what would this or that mean”.

I need to get back to my basics to lose the adrift feeling.  The basics of what I enjoy.  Maybe some gardening, reading a good book, sharing memories with loved ones or just plain taking a nice walk while listening to a little music.

Now I need to implement that and maybe even not watch the news for a bit or open those websites.  Let’s see what I can hold myself to in order to lose this feeling.