Daily Word Prompt: Buff


What a perfect word.  I have decided to get back in shape, eat better and start going to the gym again.

I went this morning and a personal trainer came over to me to “assist”.  I chuckled and realized she was trying to get me to sign up for personal training.  My response was “nah I don’t want to get all buff and all”.  I am only 5′ and as a woman I don’t want to look like a man.  That should tell you how knowledgable I am at weight training.

She proceeded to share her wisdom.  The trainer said that just because you lift weights certainly doesn’t mean you will get buff and start looking masculine.  Weight training is just as important as eating right.  As a woman it will help with bone loss as we age.  If the focus is not to gain too much muscle and get to buff than that could be achieved and of course if you wanted to put more than the average muscle gain on then that is also possible.

I told her I envisioned the woman bodybuilder where they begin to take on the male characteristics and somehow their chest goes away and becomes just plain muscle.  To me that isn’t attractive but it’s what they work towards.  I pictured a 5′ tall woman with no chest, muscles protruding everywhere, no neck and not being able to close your arms.  Almost cartoon like.

At the end of our conversation she gave me her card and some pointers and went on her merry way.  I went back to my machine and looked off to the right and what do I see…a woman bodybuilder with no chest, barely a neck and unable to close her arms fully because of the amount of muscle.  I chuckled, shook my head and finished my exercise.

Buff I will pass but I will think about adding more weights to my workout.