New Goal, Improved Health

As I was sitting in the hospital, it gave me a lot of time to think.  I decided to change my goals and focus on my health instead of the go, go attitude.

The first goal that I will share in this writing is weight loss.  For me I will no longer use the excuse of it’s only 10 pounds, not a big deal.  It is a big deal as I am only 5′ tall so an extra 10 pounds is significant on my frame.  Now my weight didn’t put me in the hospital but while I was there, it certainly didn’t make me feel good.

I will nolonger kid myself and say “I’ll just watch what I eat and I will be fine.  Oh no not this time.  I have to be specific in order for me to succeed.  So here goes.

  1.  I will weigh myself each week on Monday morning and report my weight in this blog starting next Monday.
  2. I will drink two more bottles of water each day.
  3. I will give up 1 bottle of Diet Coke each day.
  4. I will lose 1 pound each week for 10 weeks.

Now of course I could set my goals higher but I know me and I know if I miss a week that will put me in a little tailspin which I would have to recover from.  Not saying one pound will be easy but it certainly is doable.

With that I share my first goal with you.

Wish me luck as I go on this weight loss adventure.

Until next time Peace!

Health, Hospital and a few Great Books

Wow what an adventure the past month plus has been.  I have had some health issues that put me in the hospital for almost a month.  I am so much better now and glad to be able to blog again.  I have so much catching up to do which will probably take me at least a few days if not more.

I typically do not like to just sit idle so I was lucky enough to have some books that arrived.  I read Wake-Robin Ridge, A Boy Named Rabbit, Harbinger and I am on the fourth which is Swamp Ghosts.  I have one more which is Finding Hunter in my possession with one more on the list to get.  These are all by the great Marcia Meara.  If you enjoy a good book, these won’t disappoint.  I’ll be reaching out to her soon that is for sure.  These books kept me sane and helped to make the time fly right by.  In case you read this before I reach out…THANK YOU!

This adventure of mine has made me realize a few things.  One is I need new goals.  I had plenty of time to think of what those will be and I will share those in my next blog tomorrow.  I’m excited about these and have a new appreciation on life.

I certainly will still share my opinions on current events, book reviews etc. but I will be tracking more towards my goals.  Sharing successes and failures.  This is a platform for me to hold myself accountable and share in life’s trials.  I am looking forward to that with all my heart.

Until tomorrow, Peace!