Daily Word Prompt: Impression


A first impression lasts a lifetime and you can never take it back.  Impressions reminds me of judgement.  It can be good or bad.  It can be in your personal life or work life.

This reminds me of a few years back, I was interviewing for a different job.  I changed into a very pretty dress and prepared myself for the interview of a lifetime.  I got in the car and started my drive.  Everything was normal until it wasn’t.

A pop and gradual bumping and shaking.  I pulled over to the side of the road and wouldn’t you know it…a flat tire.  I had no time to wait for someone to come and assist so in high heals and a dress I changed the tire.  Got back in the car and I realized I was covered in dirt and grease.  I had two choices.  Go and explain or cancel the interview.

I decided to go and explain and hopefully they would understand as this was my dream job so they had to understand, right.

I walked in and started the interview.  I explained what occurred but three questions in the Director said “I don’t think I can do this” and she left the room.  Needless to say a short time later the interview was over.

I left dejected and thought wow what a great first impression.  As I was driving home I said out loud “they must not like the smell of grease in the morning”.

I didn’t get the job which I was heartbroken over.  I felt I was judged over something I couldn’t help.

Are first impressions bad or is it a signal of good things to come.  For me in this case the first impression was exactly what needed to happen.  I found another job that was more my style with people who cared about me and my growth with the company.

I look back on this event and realize that their first impression isn’t want counted instead it was my first impression of them that did.  This “negative” impression that I gave actually saved me from making a mistake.