A Waste of Money Business Trip–Day 3

Well technically today was day three that I have been here.  Today if you asked a question or found an issue you got a mini candy bar.  Hmm reminds me of when I was in elementary school and that was 40 years ago.  The good old days of milk, a snack and a nap.  The only difference is I didn’t get a nap today.

Mini Candy BarMilk

Did I learn anything?  Well not work related but I learned from the Uber driver that there was a great restaurant that had good food but an awesome bloody mary.  I must try I said as he dropped me off at the hotel.

Bloody Mary

These days of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 9 hours has to end.  I never realized how old I was until I went to get up and thought to myself, oh lord I can’t straighten up. Of course I tried to act cool so no one would notice my struggles.  The things we do to try to act young.

Today I did sit back and watch the room full of people and realized that I certainly work with some stuck up people.  I saw the “cool” ones not talk to the others.  I heard one state “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that ugly dress”.  Terrible.  So I suppose this is elementary school because isn’t that what they did back then too?  I thought we were to old for that but I guess you are never to old to criticize and put down people who are less fortunate, have different tastes or just are plain unique.

So maybe I did learn something today.  Who I want to be associated with at work and who will talk behind your back when they don’t like something.

Until tomorrow, Peace!