A Waste of Money Business Trip–Day 2

Well today was officially the first day of the 3 day meetings.  It literally was 9 hours of people going through flow charts and every single box on the charts.  I barely stayed awake and the primary reason I did was because I knew the people who were talking put in a lot of effort to get the documentation done.  I didn’t want to be disrespectful.

With that, do I think it was valuable to me, the answer is no.  I think I could have looked at the documentation myself and been fine.  Did I learn anything specific, no I didn’t.  I still think this was a wasted trip and my employer made a mistake by conducting this.

I did though learn something not pertaining to work.  I took my very first Uber.  Yup I am now in the group of Uber users.  I have to say both drivers that I had today were extremely nice and had great stories so from that perspective I did learn something new.

Requesting a ride was so easy and literally the longest I waited was 7 minutes.  Amazing for sure.  Right when my meetings were ending, I just clicked the request button and bam by the time I walked down the stairs my driver was there.

I am hoping tomorrow I get the same type of drivers.  At least I get a great story on the way to a wasted meeting day.

Hoping for a change tomorrow and I can report back that I learned something new and this trip was worth it.