Goal # 1 Weight Loss/Management

Tomorrow is the first actual day of my goal challenge.  Weight loss!  Argg.  I wish I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  That would be so delightful but I can’t.

Let’s get to this.  I am 5′ and weigh 134 lbs.  Not obese but not in my range either.  My goal is 10 pounds in 10 weeks.  The 10/10 goal is what I am naming this.  One pound per week seems doable and healthy.  My mind needs to be right and I need to think of this a bit differently.  My way is in 10 weeks I will be 10 pounds lighter and healthier.  10 short weeks I will be 124.  I swear I have been in the 120’s for so long.  I just don’t even know how I will act once I hit that goal.

Now I know I will have great days and I know I will have not so great days.  I am prepared so they don’t sidetrack me.

I need to balance stress in my life so I don’t turn to food.  That sounded so easy.  My mind though is made up.  This is something that I want to do and will do…period.

I will do weekly weigh-ins.  I thought about daily but I believe that would be too much for me and if I didn’t see any movement I must get a bit down on myself.  Weekly for me is better.

Tomorrow I am off to the races.  Wish me luck!


New Goal, Improved Health

As I was sitting in the hospital, it gave me a lot of time to think.  I decided to change my goals and focus on my health instead of the go, go attitude.

The first goal that I will share in this writing is weight loss.  For me I will no longer use the excuse of it’s only 10 pounds, not a big deal.  It is a big deal as I am only 5′ tall so an extra 10 pounds is significant on my frame.  Now my weight didn’t put me in the hospital but while I was there, it certainly didn’t make me feel good.

I will nolonger kid myself and say “I’ll just watch what I eat and I will be fine.  Oh no not this time.  I have to be specific in order for me to succeed.  So here goes.

  1.  I will weigh myself each week on Monday morning and report my weight in this blog starting next Monday.
  2. I will drink two more bottles of water each day.
  3. I will give up 1 bottle of Diet Coke each day.
  4. I will lose 1 pound each week for 10 weeks.

Now of course I could set my goals higher but I know me and I know if I miss a week that will put me in a little tailspin which I would have to recover from.  Not saying one pound will be easy but it certainly is doable.

With that I share my first goal with you.

Wish me luck as I go on this weight loss adventure.

Until next time Peace!